Wonder cave is a unique destination situated in south wayanad which is well known as the Kashmir of kerala. The property contains variety of caves that formed naturally among the rocks. A lover of nature can enjoy the Elephant, Dinosaur, Bread, Egg and Fish on rock. we welcome a visitor to naturally air conditioned caves. One will be treated with a positive energy throughout the site since it is the landscape of luxuriant ferns and wild trees along with medicinal plants.

Why is it wonder

Here the man realizes that he has to add something to this knowledge as he experiences unbelievable sight of natural wonders. The architect and the statues are the same none other than the nature itself. The formations of animals and other beings of rocks are the handicrafts of the nature. The underground water flows and falls produce the coldest air circulation in the caves, then push out to the open place. We don’t know but we know the nature technologist.

Welcome to wonder caves the tree forest …. A couple of coconut trees at the gate welcome you. Do you feel the fragrance . it is the virgin sandal tree stands aside to follow and at the end of your journey you will meet again the sandal lets start.

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